Pure Hops Flower Essential Oil


About the product

  • Pure Essential Oil
  • Helps Enhance Sexual Performance / Improves Appearance of Health of Hair
  • Aids in Treatment of Psoriasis and Skin Irritation
  • Helps Reduce Coughing and Congestion / Beneficial In Reducing Menstrual Pain and Cramps
  • Gives Relief of Anxiety, Stress, Headaches and Mood Swings

Benefits: Pain Relief Sleep and Insomnia Enhanced Sexual Performance Menstrual Cramping and Pain Respiratory Issues Hair Health Skin Health Headache Relief Benefits Cont'd: Most important health benefits of hops essential oil include its ability to relieve pain and reduce anxiety, assist in sexual performance, reduce respiratory distress, improve the health of your hair, calm gastrointestinal issues, relieve headaches, soothe menstrual pains, and boost the health and appearance of the skin. Although hops are mostly famous throughout the world for flavoring beers from Belgium to Boston, the essential oil that can be extracted from hops is also an extremely valuable commodity offered by this plant. Hops are very healthy, which is why there are certain health benefits to beer, but for the most potent consumption of the oils and crucial nutrients of hops, beer doesn’t quite match up the essential oil itself. Hops essential oil is used extensively in aromatherapy, and seems to perform most effectively when diffused throughout a room. However, as this essential oil is quite powerful, it is important to monitor your reactions to it, as it can also cause irritation in large quantities. Although native to China, hops essential oil is now extensively available throughout the world. The color of the oil itself is pale yellow and the aroma is rich, dry, and slightly spicy, with hints of floral notes as well. Aside from the essential oil itself, hops can also be used in powdered form, steeped for tea, and a variety of other preparations to get their health benefits. However, the pleasant and potent nature of the essential oil has made it a favorite of aromatherapy practitioners around the globe for its wealth of associated health benefits, many of which are outlined in greater detail below. Directions for Use: • 2-3 drops for diffusers • Apply 2-3 times daily on affected areas, as needed (use cotton ball, swab or fingers for skin and hair application)


50ML/1.69OZ Pure Natural Steam Distilled Hungarian Hops Flower Essential Oil

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